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By Christopher Herrera | 1/22/2022

Well everyone, I said I'd do it. Welcome to my blog! This is something I've had in the back of my mind for a while but I never got around to it. Something I think a lot of us are guilty of, but hey I got around to it!

Now y'all might be thinking....

"What's the purpose of this blog?

"What's he gonna talk about?"

I named this blog bridging chess gaps because whenever I go over games with my other chess friends who are expert and master/titled players, they always point out even the smallest things about my moves and explain a few things, thankfully so.

  • They may explain why they liked a move I played where I may have thought it wasn't great

  • They might point out a BAD move when I thought it was good. (Happens A LOT. F in chat)

  • Or they might also go through some variations based off my structure/my opponents.

After a few times of meeting up with my expert and FIDE master level friends, I realized that with every time we went over my games, there was always a disconnect between my level of understanding (or lack thereof) and their understanding.

And THATS the whole point of this blog. To bridge the gaps from lower rated players to higher rated players so other chess connoisseurs of various levels and ratings can see what the thought process is of players around my level, what goes on in our heads, why we think the way we think in these games, and what that disconnect from breaking through to the next level is.

At various periods in a persons chess playing career they'll hit what's called a "wall" or "plateau" where they might feel stuck at a certain rating range. I kinda feel like that now. BUT ITS OK.

This is the perfect chance to identify your weakness, and work on them. I think its important to not only work on these games on your own with an engine, but a great opportunity to invite maybe a friend who's stronger to get a second opinion. This might seem obvious but as a social butterfly, talking and socializing with my chess playing friends has absolutely helped me improve at chess.

So now that I've got all that out of the way, how will this blog work?

Essentially, I will post games that I've played, both OTB from tournaments and online rapid/classical games. Maybe the occasional blitz, but I wanna focus more on longer time controls that allow me to properly think and focus on the game. With that being said I wanna share some goals that I have for the 2022 year and I'd be eager to hear if you have any, both on and off the board.

  • Play in more tournaments This might seem obvious but I've been playing for about 6 years, am around 2000 blitz, 1900 rapid on lichess.....but have a provisional USCF rating of 1082. Two good friends of mine, that are the earlier expert and FM I mentioned earlier, both stated that I'm around 1600 USCF which was nice to hear (and a nice little ego boost). So going for this rating goal is absolutely possible.

  • More classical and rapid, less blitz And even less bullet. There's different perspectives on these faster time controls but overall, everyone agrees that to improve at chess one of the things you have to do is play longer time controls. Blitz is very pattern oriented and gut feeling/instinct based while classical is more thought provoking. It requires deep analysis and some mental endurance that is important to do if one wishes to get better.

Well everyone, I hope you've enjoyed this little intro to my blog and that it gives you an idea on what the content will be like. Stay tuned for my next post where I will post a game (maybe more) and go through, share my thoughts on the hows, and whys, with some master knowledge sprinkled in as well to help bridge the gap. Hopefully, you can learn something from these games regardless of your level!


Chris Herrera

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